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A unique immersive experience concept

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We’ve had enough stale, boring, and uninspiring learning.

We are slowly moving past the old narrative where learning = content.

It’s 2024.

We can do better.

Look around you.

We crave experiences designed to surprise, connect, and engage.

We want to feel something.

We are hungry for fresh insights to chew on.

We made it our mission to partner with forward-thinking organisations, educational institutions, event organisers and cultural institutions to co-create a different breed of learning spaces.

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The Learning Museum is an exploration of potential, a celebration of creativity, innovation, and a commitment to empowering people to transform.

Each exhibit is a dialogue, each performance a lesson, and each visit an opportunity to redefine what it means to learn and develop in the modern age.

It combines a physical space designed to engage with carefully crafted prompts designed to stir emotion and thought.

It comes in many flavors, and it always leaves an impression.

Just like your favourite museum, but for learning and transformation.

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The Learning Museum was a refreshing invitation to share my vision and think ahead into the future of learning. The personal conversations with the facilitators helped me a lot to feel free and think way outside the box.

Vinod Jagroep—Knowledge Management Specialist,

Trainer, E-Learning Creator at J1 Learning Solutions

Through a fusion of cutting-edge learning experience design, facilitation , performance art, and immersive multimedia, we create unique spaces that go beyond content.

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(Re)Launch a Leadership Program

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Bring your DEI and culture efforts to life

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Host an offsite that resonates long after

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Infuse your event or conference with an immersive experience

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Roll-out a company-wide transformation

Mix and match flavors:

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Get a taste of The Learning Museum

The next learning conference
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Anamaria and her team live and breathe learning design!

With immense passion, creativity, and deep experience in designing impactful learning experiences, they managed to create an immersive learning museum Next Learning 2024 that made participants think about the future of learning. It is a joy to collaborate with them!

Sam van der Schans—Conference Manager,

Next Learning Conference

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The Learning Museum is creative learning concept by:

Lily Higgins | The Intervention Bureu

Julia Stewart | Arte á la Carta

Sara Guagnini-Wilbers

Anamaria Dorgo | Handle with Brain